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Date : January 4, 2013
Border Guards Kill Two Traffickers
   http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=10207 [922]

The Daily NK has reported on two Chinese human traffickers that were killed by two North Korean border guards in December. The killings took place on the Chinese-North Korean border.

The two Chinese traffickers were waiting on the Chinese side of the border to take delivery of a North Korean woman from the guards. The border guards crossed the border, robbed, and then killed the two traffickers, according to a Daily NK source. The North Korean National Security Agency were notified by their Chinese counterparts. The two border guards were arrested on the 31st.

The source told the Daily NK that, "The two border guards were apparently supposed to hand a woman to the Chinese men in exchange for money, but instead they took the money and shot the men.” The two guards are apparently being interrogated.

The source believes that the two guards will be heavily punished. The source said, “The two border guards will almost certainly face the death penalty given that they not only murdered foreigners, but also illegally crossed an international border in possession of a weapon and had become embroiled in human trafficking.”

An investigation is likely to be under way to find out which dealer introduced the traffickers to the guards, according to another source that works as an agent for the Chinese public security agency.

Source: The Daily NK

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