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Date : December 6, 2012
Regime Requests Rice from Citizens
   http://www.rfa.org/english/news/korea/rice-12042012151634.html [1163]
The North Korean regime has launched a campaign for rice donations as it struggles to feed its military forces and construction workers, according to Radio Free Asia sources. The regime is requesting voluntary donations from farmers and would-be Party members.
One Radio Free Asia source told the broadcaster that, “There is a campaign to have farmers and incoming members of the party donate patriotic rice.  Maybe other people could also be asked to do so soon.”
A source said that the reason that the requests were being made is that despite the harvesting period being over, the regime was having difficulty in threshing the harvest due to electricity shortages. This caps a year which has seen a fair amount of the harvest devastated by drought and flooding resulting in dramatically increased rice prices.
Source: Radio Free Asia

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