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Date : November 30, 2012
Kim Jong Eun Has No Will or Ability to Make Changes
   http://www.yonhapnews.co.kr/northkorea/2012/11/29/1801000000AKR2012112… [1906]
The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) analyzed Kim Jong Eun's rule on the 28th by stating that he has no will or ability to change the North Korean regime's criminal acts.
Kim Jong Eun, who did not experience the Korean War but studied in Switzerland, tried to change and reform North Korea, and people's expectations for that were high. However, the recent suspicion of North Korea's arms exports and a sign of missile launching creates doubts about Kim's will and ability to make changes.
As news on North Korea's arms exports were reported at the same time as the WSJ's article, the paper surmised that North Korea is really in need of money. Also, WSJ reported that it is doubtful that Kim Jong Eun has really assumed power.

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