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Date : November 23, 2012
North Korean Men are Immersed in South Korean Fashion
   http://news.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2012/11/21/2012112100880.htm… [1020]
The Chosun Ilbo recently quoted from a Daily NK article on the Korean wave's influence in North Korea. South Korean fashion and cosmetics have become popular for not only North Korean women but also North Korean men.
The North Korean regime is attempting to control the influence of the South Koreans' way of life, but the South's fashion, hair styles and way of speaking are spreading rapidly. The Daily NK's source in North Korea stated that North Korean youths watch South Korean dramas. The dramas have increased the popularity of South Korean fashion and cosmetics. The source also said that the cosmetic that Hyun Bin, who was the main character in the recently ended South Korean drama 'Secret Garden,' advertised is especially popular in North Korea.
Also, some men in North Korea use BB cream, which is usually used by women. Based on this trend, there are even stores which sell only pure South Korean products. The source also said that skinny jeans are also popular among North Korean men. As an increasing number of North Korean people use perfume and dye their hair, the influence of the Korean wave is gradually spreading.

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