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Date : November 19, 2012
Idolization of Kim Jong Eun is Beginning
   http://english.yonhapnews.co.kr/northkorea/2012/11/18/91/0401000000AEN… [1186]
According to Yonhap News and other North Korea focused media sources, it seems that the North Korean regime recently begun the process of the idolization of Kim Jong Eun. It has been observed that the regime has started to distribute badges featuring Kim Jong Eun’s image. It has also published a book which describes Kim Jong Eun as a great and smart man.
The Korean Central Broadcasting System praised Kim Jong Eun as an ideological genius in a documentary focusing on the leader. The North Korean regime is focusing on praising Kim Jong Eun in other similar ways.  They have published details that he surprised many people when he was a child because he was good at shooting and driving. They have also released information that he amazed people with his well-rounded knowledge of international politics, military affairs, and many other fields.
Also, according to the Daily NK, the North Korean regime is trying to distribute badges and commemorative stamps with Kim's portrait. It has been observed that the Rodong Sinmun, the regime’s mouthpiece, has started to run a new slogan which praises Kim Jong Eun.
While there are various opinions of the idolizing of Kim Jong Eun, some observers are analyzing that Kim's transfer of power has gone smoothly and others have stated that this idolization may be designed to finalize the transitional period of the change of power.

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