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Date : October 10, 2011
Drug Inspection Team Carries out Monitoring over Customs
The Drug Inspection Team, which has been organized according to Kim Jong Eun’s instructions in January of this year, has been reportedly carrying out the examination of customs examiners since mid June.
A source from Hyesan, Yangkang Province reported, “Seeing these inspections over customs examiners, we feel that this drug inspection is being implemented sincerely and properly.”
Regarding the history of inspections over customs examiners, he explained, “Examiners tend to come from affluent families, who have wealth, power and a good family background, so it is generally understood that they evaded any inspections. However, they have also been going through inspections this time.”
Since the customs examiners are a kind of supporter for drug smugglers by receiving bribes to allow the smugglers to cross the border, they became one of the targets of the drug inspections.
However, general people have also not been excluded from the inspections, so their complaints are also quite serious. The source added, “People say ‘As the one who started producing and expanding drugs is the state, I don’t know why they try to catch innocent people and punish us.’” According to the source, people have become discontent at the ridiculous situation that after the authorities earn money as much as they want, they punish the people.
Since mid-2010, North Korean authorities have stated that they would inspect drug use among the general people. In August, 2010, the decree, “On reinforcing crackdowns on drugs,” was handed down with content that stated that drug users would be seriously punished.
Before that time, the punishment of drug use was comparatively generous, but it has become tougher because the situation where children as well as adults use drugs has aroused authority’s attention.
In addition to the activities of the Drug Inspection Team, a “narcotics squad” has been organized by the People’s Safety Agency last October in order to monitor and watch systematic drug use.
However, since those who monitor drug use are mostly drug users themselves, their activities have been making slow progress.
Thereafter, in January, according to Kim Jong Eun’s instruction, the authorities have declared a war against drug use by organizing the Drug Inspection Team, which consists of agents of the National Security Agency, the Defense Security Command of the Army, and the Central Prosecutor Office.
The participation of the NSA implies that the drug issue is not a mere social issue anymore, but is now seen as a threat to the regime.

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