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Date : July 17, 2023
The regime prevents news of frequent suicides from spreading
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The regime prevents news of frequent suicides from spreading

Suicides and starvation deaths continue to rise in North Korea due to dire conditions, with many citizens resorting to opium overdose for a painless end. However, the Kim Jong-un regime is working strenuously to prevent information about these incidents from spreading, categorizing such reports as 'groundless rumors' and punishing those who disseminate them. 

In one reported incident in Bochon County, a father and son sold their house, ate rabbit poison, and left a suicide note expressing their struggle with starvation and criticizing party cadres' ignorance of the people's plight. The authorities, however, claimed they died of disease and dismissed the existence of the suicide note, threatening punishment for spreading such rumors. 

Moreover, leaders are required to prevent anyone from entering suicide sites until police and doctors confirm the deaths. Despite the regime's efforts, discontent and starvation-driven suicides continue, causing widespread skepticism towards government narratives. In North Korea, suicide is viewed as an anti-state and anti-party act.

[Source: Asia Press]

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