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Date : May 26, 2023
The Pyongyang Cultural Language Protection Act calls for execution of violators
   https://www.asiapress.org/rimjin-gang/2023/05/politics/execution/ [376]
The Pyongyang Cultural Language Protection Act calls for execution of violators

North Korea has enacted a law known as the "Pyongyang Cultural Language Protection Act," which imposes the maximum penalty of execution for using or spreading South Korean style speech. The law, enacted in January, aims to protect the DPRK's "standard language" but is also driven by the regime's fear of the impact of South Korean language on its society. The law prohibits the use of certain words and phrases, such as "oppa" and "nim," and the police are actively investigating and reporting individuals who use South Korean style speech, including text messages.

The crackdown on South Korean style speech is a reflection of Kim Jong-un's strong aversion to South Korean culture. An internal document obtained by ASIAPRESS two and a half years prior to the enactment of the law revealed Kim Jong-un's deep hatred of South Korean culture and his concern over the influence of the "puppet's language" on the younger generation. The document emphasized the seriousness of imitating and copying South Korean speech from a national and political standpoint. The Pyongyang Cultural Language Protection Act serves as a tool for the government to eliminate South Korean influence and impose severe consequences, including the death penalty, for those who use or spread South Korean speech.

The law underscores Kim Jong-un's determination to safeguard North Korean culture and prevent the spread of South Korean influence in the country. It reflects the regime's control over language and its efforts to maintain a distinct cultural identity.

[Source: Asia Press]

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