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Date : May 3, 2023
Crackdowns on Seafood Wholesalers Intensify
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Crackdowns on Seafood Wholesalers Intensify Amid Resurgence of Trade in North Pyongan Province

As the COVID-19 pandemic recedes and business picks up for seafood wholesalers in North Pyongan Province, the provincial police agency has launched sweeping crackdowns and inspections. 

The resurgence in trade has led to vehicles carrying goods flooding roads and market streets, prompting police agencies to focus on illegal activities of wholesalers. The North Pyongan Province police agency has conducted raids on fishery enterprises and inspections to prevent theft. 

Additionally, they have cut off power to wholesalers' homes, leading to the loss of frozen fish stock. The police agency is also investigating seafood enterprises involved in under-the-table sales and power transmission departments that provided electricity to wholesalers' homes.

[Source: Daily NK]

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