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Date : December 28, 2021
Female soldier in an attempt of suicide after being raped
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Female North Korean soldier in an attempt of suicide after being raped several times

A female soldier, who had been serving as a telephone operator since the age of 17 at the headquarters of the seventh Corps in Hamhung, South Hamgyong Province attempted suicide after being sexually assaulted by five of her superiors separately. 

The soldier left a 12-page suicide note explaining the trauma that had been happening to her inside the military unit. 

The female soldier was first assaulted by a political guidance officer in his early 40s, then raped by a lieutenant colonel who was the deputy head of the manpower department. After that, she was raped and beaten by the head of the cadre department when he found a recording phone in her clothes. 
But her misfortune didn’t end there. A major in charge of the internal medicine department raped her in her sleep inside the hospital where she was admitted to after suffering from injuries while being sexually assaulted. 

The military authorities discharged her, but no punishment other than temporary suspensions were given to the assailants. 

[Source: Daily NK]

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