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Date : December 23, 2021
No housing yet for retired NK Soldiers
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No housing yet for retired North Korean Soldiers 

Retired soldiers in North Korea, who were promised new homes in return of their 30 years of service, have been waiting around for years, forced to stay with relatives, with no response from the government. 

The lack of housing and construction put on hold in North Korea is believed to be a direct result of the suspension of trade with China due to COVID-19. Therefore, Chinese construction materials have not been available for almost two years. 

As the government has been funneling recourses and electricity to Pyongyang, attention was taken away from the provinces, raising dissatisfaction among retired officers and soldiers and making them protest the lack of housing support to the Hamhung Municipal People’s Committee.

Subsequently, in North Korea, youth and women do not hope to become military officers, neither marry soldiers. 

[Source: RFA]

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