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Date : November 13, 2021
Province Party committee holds meeting to review childrearing policies.
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Province Party committee holds meeting to review childrearing policies. 

Leader Kim Jong Un made a statement last June, during the third plenary meeting of the Eight Central Committee stressing on the importance of creating better childcare conditions and ordered to take up childcare as an “important policy” that should be fulfilled. 
Consecutively, and to review achievements made so far, the province’s party committee in North Hamgyong gathered organization and unit managers on November 5th. 

One of the crucial policies was to provide processed foods such as milk products at state price once a week to new mothers and children under the age of five. 
Nonetheless, results of the meeting show that not even a single unit had properly provided milk products and other supplementary foods in accordance with the leader’s instructions leaving workers criticized for being lazy. 

Officials revealed that it was impossible to meet expectations due to shortage of basic supplies as the state is failing to provide proper equipment, vehicles or machinery. 

[Source: Daily NK]

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