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Date : November 10, 2021
Another bad harvest in NK underscores root cause of food crisis
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Another bad harvest in North Korea underscores root cause of food crisis

North Korea is expected to face a devastating famine worse than the one it suffered in 1994-1998 following the lack of imported fertilizers and recent devastating summer floods from climate change that left the country with poor harvest.

Moreover, the decision made by Pyongyang and Beijing to shut down their border and suspend all trade at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020, is expected to result in a shortage of 860,000 tons of food this year, or the amount of the population of 25 million consumes in about two months. 

In addition, the country’s pursuit of nuclear weapons is likely to leave it largely ineligible for significant food aid from countries abroad. 

In mid-October, authorities told citizens food scarcity problems could last through at least 2025. 

[Source: RFA]

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