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Date : October 14, 2021
New emergency rules amid COVID-19 spread
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North Korea announces new emergency rules amid COVID-19 spread. 

New strict COVID-19 rules have been distributed to residents. A source in South Pyongan Province said that the new Emergency rules include banning all residents from approaching specific districts, buildings or quarantine facilities marked “Danger: Quarantined” and prohibiting people from contacting or exchanging items with people in those areas. 

It is suspected that the authorities issued the emergency measures, because some of the students who took part in the national foundation day event fell ill and might have tested positive for the virus. The students were isolated afterwards. 

North Korea Is meting out cruel punishments to individuals who violate emergency quarantine protocols by sending them to prison camps or charging them of “harming the national economy and violating party policy”. 

[Source: Daily NK]

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