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Date : September 30, 2021
Strict management of grain supplies ahead of autumn harvest
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Strict management of grain supplies ahead of autumn harvest

Daily NK obtained documents recently distributed by the Yanggang Province branch of the ruling party to subordinate organizations. Entitled “Let’s Conduct More Responsibly Activities to Handle Grain, which Contains the Sublime Love of Our Party,” the materials call on officials overseeing efforts to take care that no problems arise in the management of grain supplies, including the theft or disappearance of grain.

The materials were apparently written in late July, just after the authorities issued a provision of food through state-run food shops earlier that month.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un noted public concern regarding food during the Third Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee in mid-June. Afterwards, North Korean authorities sold rice and corn at lower-than-market prices through state-run food shops, issuing it to residents of Pyongyang and workers at major enterprises throughout the country.

The introduction to the materials acknowledge the country’s food shortages, noting that authorities carried out the “serious measure” of supplying large amounts of freed-up grain despite “the difficult conditions” confronted by the nation to “overcome the food crisis faced by the party and the state.”  ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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