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Date : September 27, 2021
Financial distress leads people to resort to robbery
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Financial distress leads some North Koreans to resort to robbery

According to a Daily NK source on Sept. 22, a woman in her twenties was the victim of robbery on the street in Nampo on Sept. 12.

The woman, surnamed Choi, had met a man on the street who suggested to her that she “sell [her] hair, as it would fetch a high price.” Choi, who was suffering from money difficulties, gladly accepted this suggestion and upon confirming a date and location to meet they went their separate ways.

When she later met the man, however, she was attacked. After using a handkerchief covered in an anesthetic to render her unconscious, the man cut her hair and even took the clothes she was wearing before disappearing.  ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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