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Date : November 5, 2012
Potato Stocks Shrink in North Korea
   http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=9986 [1146]
The poor weather over the late spring and summer period has heavily impacted on potato stocks in North Korea. Farm workers received considerably less than their normal levels of potato rations.
The news of this potato problem in YangKang Province was published on the Daily NK website. A source in North Korea for the site stated that “In most years we get three months of potatoes in autumn, but this year that didn’t happen. Whereas last year we got 200kg for three months, this time around we got just 120kg, enough for two months.” This lower distribution follows months of food insecurity. It has more profound effects in YangKang Province where potatoes are often a replacement for rice.
The Daily NK's source said that, "The winter will obviously be quite tough, but early next year is a bigger concern." The WFP and other groups have been working hard to source aid to help alleviate the worst of the food insecurity.  
Source: Daily NK

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