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Date : August 31, 2021
Socialist Women’s Union tasked with silk cocoon production quotas
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Socialist Women’s Union tasked with silk cocoon production quotas

North Korea was already mobilizing members of the organization, which is made up of full-time housewives, for work in agricultural villages and construction sites.

A source in North Hamgyong Province told Daily NK on Thursday that with North Korea beginning silk cocoon production from early August, the authorities have tasked each union member with contributing one kilogram of cocoons at the end of September. “Pressed by this task, union members are urgently producing cocoons,” he said. 

According to the source, union members have long had to contribute the cocoons they produce to the organization every September. But this year they face greater difficulties because of COVID-19 and mandated work in agricultural villages.

In fact, union members in the city of Hoeryong and Saebyol and Onson counties, in North Hamgyong Province, have been individually contracted to produce silk cocoons. What is worse, in addition to raising silkworms, they are reportedly being enlisted for all sorts of social projects, even as they face economic difficulties due to COVID-19. ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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