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Date : June 25, 2021
Food prices are unstable
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Food prices are unstable

The prices of staple foods such as rice and corn, which had skyrocketed since the beginning of June, dropped on the 19th but rose sharply on the 22nd again, reaching the highest prices of the year in many places. Several merchants have stopped trading with no foreseeable future insight, causing a growing sense of anxiety among residents. 

Asia Press conducted market investigations in the northern cities of Hyesan in Ryanggang Province and Musan and Hoeryong in North Hamkyung Province on March 21 to 22. Although there were slight price differences among the regions, the prices of white rice and corn soared. 

Since food prices have skyrocketed, merchants are reluctant to sell other products because they don't know what will happen to them in the future. Chinese products are no longer available, and domestic products have all gone up, so trading has stopped,” said a reporting partner living in Hoeryong. ......

[Source: Asia Press]

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