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Date : May 27, 2021
Freight trains have not entered NK from China
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Freight trains have not entered North Korea from China 

Despite signs Sino-North Korean trade was set to resume in mid-May, Daily NK has learned that freight cars destined for North Korea at a Dandong railway station are sitting in the same place as they were last month. 

In April, some media outlets reported that train service between North Korea and China was set to resume when freight cars with the Korean characters “Sopo” and “Dandong” were spotted at Dandong Station. 

“The international freight train that travels between North Korea and China has been parked at Dandong Station up until this point,” a source in China told Daily NK yesterday. “No freight trains have entered North Korea from China recently.”

According to the source, the freight train that appeared in several media outlets “entered China last year” before the Sino-North Korean border was closed. “It’s been stuck in China for more than a year,” he added.  ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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