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Date : March 25, 2021
Elderly man dies during construction of Bipa-dong
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Elderly man dies during government attempt to evict people from a building in Pyongyang

Following North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s call for the construction of 10,000 residential homes in Pyongyang “at all costs” earlier this year, an elderly man reportedly died after being assaulted by soldiers attempting to forcibly evict people from a building in Bipa-dong, Moranbong District. The area was recently selected as the site for an apartment construction project. 

On Sunday, a source in Pyongyang told Daily NK that “On Mar. 1, soldiers stormed into the home of the leader of a group of Bipa-dong evictees when he refused to leave after being ordered to vacate his residence. An elderly man in the house later died from a severe head injury.”

According to the source, North Korean authorities have tasked the Pyongyang Construction Guidance Bureau, various central government agencies, along with organizations, the military and enterprises to move forward with construction planning for 10,000 residential homes in Pyongyang.

The Ministry of Defense was ordered to build a 16-story apartment on Bipa Street in Moranbong District, where there is a large concentration of single-story houses, as well as a 13-story apartment building on Chollima Street in the city’s Central District, where many houses – now old and dilapidated – were built during the post-Korean War period. ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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