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Date : February 20, 2021
Efforts for telecommunications environment face hurdles
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Efforts to improve telecommunications environment face many hurdles

North Korea has made it clear it wishes to improve the nation’s telecommunication environment. But due to the poor condition of the country’s infrastructure, major developments like next-generation internet are still a long way off, and the country will likely settle for improvements to existing facilities. According to a source, those improvements could be as basic as automating operator-connected phones.

A source in North Korea said that provinces, cities and counties were still using telecom systems from 50 years ago with manual switchboards. “The order from the Eighth Party Congress intends to replace this with the latest technology,” he said.

This means the “technological renewal of telecommunication infrastructure” raised by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un during the Eighth Party Congress was an order to change manual switchboards into automated ones in the country’s cities. ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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