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Date : October 8, 2020
Block quarantine contaminants at border
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Block “quarantine contaminants” at border

North Korean military authorities have recently ordered frontline military units to “strictly” deal with all possible “quarantine contaminants” entering the country through its borders and coasts based on established rules governing border security, Daily NK has learned. 

After the recent fatal shooting of a South Korean fisheries official by North Korean military personnel, North Korea apologized to South Korea and mentioned the crafting measures to prevent a recurrence of the incident. 

The military’s latest order, however, reaffirms the regime’s baseline of firing at anyone who crosses the country’s borders and to “burn their bodies.”

A military source told the Daily NK yesterday on condition of anonymity that North Korea’s General Staff Department handed down the order last Friday. The directive reportedly emphasized that naval units, island defense units and coastal patrol units need to maintain a state of alert. ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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