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Date : October 15, 2012
"There Is No 6.28 Economic Measure and Opening"
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According to sources from the North Korea's Foreign Ministry in China and from the North Hamkyung Province, "after the Supreme People's Assembly, the North Korean regime issued a clarification to all parties that the 6.28 Economic Measure will not spur any policies for economic opening." This source also indicated that "the North Korean citizens expected new opening measures to come about as a result of the 6.28 Economic Measure, so the citizens are very disappointed about the lack of positive results."

North Korean citizens "expected that the regime would be amenable to reforms since Kim Jong Eun is young and earlier commended the 6.28 Economic Measure; however, in the end the recommendations were just strange statements containing no structures for reform, so there has been a general increase in the atmosphere of dissatisfaction among citizens."
The most curious reform measures, according to the citizens, are the removal of private trade, the control of mineral and coal exports, the restriction of restaurant openings to Pyongyang alone, the appropriation of private land patches, and the increase in surveillance and control."

Even the regime cadres are in agreement with the public criticism. The cadres responded that "because of this year's drought and storm, farms were devastated. However, the regime concentrated only on recovery, not on cultivating any remaining potatoes and other vegetables. It was not helpful to citizens since there haven't been any significant measures taken."

Finally, there has been a rise in theft not only from collective farms, but from private patches as well. This has caused an uproar among citizens. The number of murders occurring during robberies has experienced an increase as well, heightening the level of fear and anxiety among citizens.

Sources report that citizens of North Korea accuse Kim Jong Eun of "talking about reform and such, but there are not any real benefits to citizens at large, as this measure is only for the special class." Additionally, the source said that the citizens make sarcastic remarks regarding Kim Jong Euns age, calling him a thoughtless kid who doesn't know anything.

"Some citizens are even saying that Kim Jong Il's regime was better than the current one," the source continued, " and many people are criticizing the way in which Kim Jong Eun always appears with his wife like something good is happening." Citizens' criticism about Kim Jong Eun continues to escalate.

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