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Pyongyang's construction drive said to kill hundreds of college students 
Date : November 30, 2011
North Korean college students have reportedly died in a spate of accidents at construction sites amid intense efforts by Pyongyang to prepare for a milestone political ev…
New FAO Report Reveals Serious Malnutrition Concerns In North Korea 
Date : November 30, 2011
A new report released by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Food Program has revealed concerns over the nutrition situation in North Korea, particular…
North Korean prison camp survivor speaks out 
Date : November 25, 2011
A North Korean prison camp survivor has given a rare testimony exposing public executions and starvation at the detention centre where she was held for 28 years.   S…
UN Committee Approves N.Korea Rights Resolution 
Date : November 25, 2011
A UN committee on Monday approved a draft resolution on North Korea's human rights situation with stronger and more concrete wording than last year's. The UN General Asse…
Food and Shelter Needs Still Acute Following Floods in DPRK 
Date : November 22, 2011
"With thousands of survivors of severe floods in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea still seriously short of food and proper shelter, there’s an urgent need for …
Pretending They Are Dead: NK People Speak 
Date : November 22, 2011
"In May, 2011, a team from The Daily NK went to China to do some research into the situation on the ground there. During that process, they took the chance to interview t…
North Korean artist and defector to address parliamentary hearing on North Korea 
Date : November 21, 2011
"Kim Hye Sook, 49, spent 27 years in a prison camp before defecting to South Korea in 2009. She was originally imprisoned at age 13, along with her family, because her gr…
Mongolia to offer food assistance to North Korea 
Date : November 17, 2011
Text of report in English by official Chinese news agency Xinhua (New China News Agency)Ulan Bator, 9 November: Mongolia would provide food assistance to the Democratic P…
Russia delivers 50,000 tons of food to North Korea 
Date : November 17, 2011
Text of report in English by state-run North Korean news agency KCNA websitePyongyang, 10 November: The delivery of 50,000 tons of food donated to the DPRK [Democratic Pe…
Rice prices increase in North Korean capital 
Date : November 17, 2011
Text of report in English by South Korean news agency YonhapSeoul, 10 November: Rice prices have more than doubled in Pyongyang in just two months, a South Korean private…
Coalition urges UN to check on NK defectors in China 
Date : November 17, 2011
"The International Parliamentarians’ Coalition for North Korean Refugees and Human Rights requested Monday that the U.N. dispatch inspectors to China to check human righ…
Images reveal scale of North Korean political prison camps 
Date : November 11, 2011
"Amnesty International has published satellite imagery and new testimony that shed light on the horrific conditions in North Korea’s network of political prison camps, w…
End horror of North Korean political prison camps 
Date : November 11, 2011
"Yodok is one of six known political prison camps in North Korea. Men, women and children in the camp face forced hard labour, inadequate food, beatings, totally inadequa…
EU: Try to Improve Human Rights in North Korea 
Date : November 11, 2011
"The European Union needs to step up its action in response to the North Korean regime's outrageous patterns of human rights violations" (HRW)
Humiliation, the North Korean way 
Date : November 11, 2011
"Separation of sports and politics has a nice ring to it, but it's not the reality in North Korea. Defeated athletes in other countries may suffer criticism and career co…
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