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Date : June 24, 2013
Nine Repatriated Defector Children Begin Official Activity
   http://www.yonhapnews.co.kr/northkorea/2013/06/20/1801000000AKR2013062… [1803]
The nine defector children, who were repatriated to North Korea from Laos last month, had their first official conference in North Korea on the 20th.
Chosun Central News Agency reported that these defector children returned home just as they were about to be abducted to South Korea by the South Korean government. However, the North Korean authorities didn't deliver the contents of the conference through media. These children insisted that they were staying in a Korean pastor's home in China and went to Laos in the pastor's car. They also added that the Lao government saved them from the South Korean government's attempted abduction.
Chosun Central News Agency reported that Kim Jong Eun wholeheartedly accepted these children "who were about to fall into a bottomless pit". It seems that these children's official activities will increase in the future.

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